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[XF 2.1 Free] Add-ons [AH] Gamer Profiles 2.1.4

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This add-on is a port of GamerProfiles - PixelExit.com, which @Steve F has kindly allowed me to release.

This add-on makes use of the custom user fields by allowing your users to input their various gamer tags from the games they play. It can be configured to use certain gamer profiles if you do not wish to display them all. Simply look in the style properties [AH] Gamer Profiles for settings for displaying what icons you would like. If you have a suggestion mention it and I'll see about adding it. This add-on supports sites running SSL as well, mainly the linked images.

Supported Profiles

  • Steam
  • PlayStation
  • Xbox
  • Discord
  • Twitch
  • Mixer
  • YouTube
The following are default in XenForo

  • Facebook
  • Skype
  • Twitter
Set what icons to display and set permissions to view.

  1. ACP -> Users -> User Group Permissions
  2. ACP -> Style Properties -> [AH] Gamer Profiles
There is a permission used to limit the view of member's gamer cards on profiles and also a permission to disable viewing of profile icons per group.

When enabled and the user has said field filled in with their id's icons will be displayed in various locations. Also the display of a Gamer Card is supported with Steam, PSN, Xbox Live.


Member tooltip:

Gamer cards:

The icons are from FontAwesome 5, which is why this add-on requires 2.1.x. The Mixer icon is an SVG, because FontAwesome 5 doesn't have one. You can customize the font-size and the colors in the style properties. Because the Mixer icon is an SVG, you'll have to change the size separately than the other icons in the style properties.


  1. Follow the standard add-on installation procedures.
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